As the ultimate grain specialist, we get the best out of cereals for you. This ambition is not just our mission, it is also the core strength of Meneba. We offer the widest range of cereal specialties in the whole of Europe. Targeted global purchasing of cereals based on experience and application expertise, our market knowledge and sophisticated milling and processing techniques guarantee that Meneba’s products create added value for our customers. Additionally, our process expertise and product knowledge enabalise us to produce customised solutions for a wide range of applications.

Craftsmanship brings an advantage

Meneba make a thorough and careful selection of its all the materials and mixes we use. Only the very best is good enough – we know which grain variety is best suited for a specific application or processing technique. This craftsmanship means that we can supply you with a product that already offers you a competitive advantage. 

Customised solutions

Meneba dedicates its craftsmanship to meeting the growing demand for customised, natural products that provide optimal functionality for today’s high quality processing lines. We utilise our wide-ranging product expertise, nutritional knowledge and in-depth awareness of all market segments to give you the edge in an increasingly challenging market place.

The Technical Sales Service (TSS) department has advanced facilities including modern laboratories, an in-house test bakery, TSS Food department and a highly skilled dedicated team. In collaboration with our customers, industry experts and international institutes, their daily work focuses on creating new and improved products. 

Meneba's innovative products offer extra value

Meneba has the facilities, craftsmanship and focus on innovation necessary to make a success of product and process improvement. Products that satisfy the needs of today’s trends - and also meet those of tomorrow:

  • The demand for artisan-style bread has prompted Meneba to develop process improvers which make it possible to prepare authentic bread using today’s modern production processes. 
  • Health and vitality are integral elements of today’s society. The natural functionally in our basic raw ingredients forms an outstanding foundation for healthy products. 
  • Customers today value diversity in their daily lives and certainly in their diets. The portfolio of rich multigrain products from Meneba offers that choice. Meneba’s multigrain mixes are also lactose-free. 

The development of certain products is not driven by the prevailing trends, but by the needs expressed by our customers, their processes and quality standards:

  • Our cake and sponge flour range is an excellent example of this type of development. The wheat variety Meneba use has been specifically selected and imported for this purpose. Combined with the right processes, the result is a unique sponge flour that creates precisely the right stability and fluffy airiness needed in sponge products.