Meneba is a market-centric business. We develop, produce and market cereal-derived raw materials and functional ingredients. These products must be appropriate for use in the many processes used by our customers.

Our focus is on bakeries – both artisan and industrial – and the food industry. In short, markets we are strong in and where we aspire to, and can, deliver absolute value, quality, knowledge and expertise. The craftsmanship of our team allows us to serve these markets with the right product range. 

In addition to the production plant in Rotterdam, specialties, including multigrain products, are produced at our site in Wormerveer. As well as our two sites in the Netherlands, Meneba-Taelman in Bossuit (Belgium) is also a division of Meneba. 

Meneba’s products have to create added value for our customers, for you. Our years of process expertise and product knowledge focuses on customised solutions for industries across Europe.

Based on our wide range of our basic products and specialties, we aim to work in partnership with you. Our account managers and bakery advisors are happy to visit and answer any questions or to discuss ways of improving your current range or developing new products.

To sum it up, Meneba gets the best out of cereals. For you!

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