Guarantee food safety and quality

Meneba manufacture and supply cereal products that meet the strictest quality and food safety standards. This is anchored in a number of certified quality assurance systems that we operate to. Meneba holds certification for BRC6, Riskplaza and GMP+.

Retail guidelines

By holding the BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium, Global Standard Food) Meneba meets the demands specified in the directives applied by UK and Dutch retailers. These directives are among the most stringent in the world. 


Meneba is also Riskplaza certified, which demonstrates that any potential risks associated with the raw materials used by Meneba have been investigated and safety is assured. 


The GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice, a certification scheme for the animal feed sector) means that Meneba can guarantee the quality and safety of products that are used in the animal feed sector.  

Independent audits                                                                

Audits of all Meneba departments and sites are undertaken at least every six months to ensure all the processes, procedures and work instructions comply with the necessary quality and food safety standards. These are independent audits performed by Lloyd's Register. All feedback reported by Lloyds's, by customer or internal audits are systematically incorporated into our integral quality assurance policy. 


'Appellation d'origine controlée'

Thanks to the global introduction of integral assurance systems and tracking and tracing, products can be supplied with a guaranteed provenance. This opens up new uses for products where varietal purity, origin or cultivation method play decisive roles. Meneba responds to this trend by launching innovative concepts and blends, which resonates (reflects?) the growing interest of consumers in authentic, artisan breads baked to produce an individual and unique character.